Magnetics & Vehicle Magnetics

Great Magnetic Signage Solutions

Strong Magnetic Signage

Magnetics are a great, affordable way to temporarily advertise your business. They work well on your vehicles or when you hand them out to your customers for their refrigerators as an easy reminder of how to get hold of you. At Sign Designs, our personable staff can create custom, professional-looking magnets for your business.
Auto magnetic sign

Use Your Vehicle to Market Your Business

Our vehicle magnetics allow you to easily market your business when lettering isn't an option.
Remove them daily or leave them on, the choice is yours.
Our magnetics are made from a flexible material that can be applied directly to the sides of your vehicle. They're custom-made to order and allow you to proudly display your company's contact information, logo, and message; they're easily visible to your customers.
With 21 years of experience, our highly trained staff can handle your magnetic signage needs with ease. 
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